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Moving from Montreal to Toronto

Before moving to Toronto from Montreal it is best to get some information about the city. Toronto is a capital of province Ontario where most of the world’s investors are concentrated, and which offers the best opportunities for doing business in Canada. The economic and commercial prosperity of the region is guaranteed by numerous initiatives implemented by representatives of the cities of Mississauga, Toronto and Brampton, also like the local municipalities of Halton, Markham, Scarborough, Durham, Etobicoke, East York, Vaughan, York and downtown Toronto.

Many people choose to move from Montreal to Toronto because of the great opportunities to find a job after finishing school, or to increase their employer’s salary. Many companies are moving to Toronto to develop their business and for the opportunities given by the regional authorities. People living in the following regions of Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area choose to move to this city for economic and social reasons.

Save your time and money by choosing our moving company for your future move from Montreal to Toronto.

The decision to move to Toronto from Montreal is not so easy, because the cost of living is higher, but also the salary is higher than in Montreal. For a successful and calm move from Montreal to Toronto, several economic factors must be taken into account on the cost of renting accommodation and the price of utilities for residents. Both the city of Toronto and the city of Montreal have public transportation for everyone who does not own a car.

Moving price Montreal – Toronto

The price of moving from Montreal to Toronto or from Toronto to Montreal may vary depending on the period chosen, the size of the move and the number of movers required. Each month between the dates of 10 and 23 with the exception of June, our moving company offers a discount of up to 10% of the total cost of the move. In general, the cost of a small move (moving a studio, apartment with 1-2 bedrooms) from Montreal to Toronto can vary between $ 1,350 – $ 1,850. To save your budget you can take the truck with a mover as a driver and load and unload the truck with our mover.

The idea of the price of a small move to several cities:

Destination Price for a 1-2 bedroom move
Montreal to Toronto 1350 – 1850$
Montreal to Ottawa or Gatineau 850 – 1150$
Montreal to Québec or Levis 990 – 1350$
Montreal to Trois-Rivières 690 – 890$
Montreal to Victoriaville 600 à 950$
Montreal to Sherbrooke 600 à 890$
Montreal to Moncton 2100 à 2900$
Montreal to Gaspe 2000 à 2800$

Our moving company takes responsibility for organizing your moving from Montreal to Toronto in an efficient way by providing you with several sizes of trucks from 16 to 22 feet. All of our trucks are fully equipped, regularly inspected, meet the standards of the Commission des transports du Québec and the requirements of the trucking industry in Canada.

If you are planning to move to Toronto from Montreal in the near future, choosing a good moving company with a lot of experience in long distance moving service or who has made several moves to Toronto from Montreal. It is the key a successful and problem-free move.

Whether it’s a residential, commercial move, piano move, pool table from Montreal to Toronto, our movers have the experience and all the equipment necessary to meet all your needs!

Contact our moving company for your long distance move, by filling in our quote online or by phone and we will guarantee you the best price on the moving market.

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