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Pallet transport

Pallet Transport MontealPlanning to transport pallets soon? Are you looking for a last-minute logistics transports companies for pallets delivery in Montreal South Shore, North Shore at an affordable price? Contact transport company Moving Downtown for all goods transport emergencies, personal belongings and we will guarantee high quality delivery while keeping the initial condition of your goods. Our trucks are regularly inspected and insured in order to your goods, pallets arrive at the destination at the time provided by the contract and in initial optimal conditions.

Pallets delivery at home

Moving Downtown is a company specializing in the delivery and transportation of pallets at home in the Montreal region, South shore, North shore. Incorporated company is registered in Quebec (QC INC), ensures the delivery of goods on pallets as well as the transport of products with or without pallets to your home anywhere in the greater region of Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, Ottawa, Toronto… Thanks to our experience of transporting furniture, appliances, medical devices in several cities of Quebec and its local regions, our clientele is 100% assured that the goods will be transported, handle, load, unload and placed with care at the destination. Doing business with our transportation company in Montreal is equivalent to a professional and friendly transportation and delivery service, whether it be for stores, construction companies, schools, hardwood furniture workshops, museums or the transportation of fragile objects of arts. Our services are tailored to your transportation needs, for individuals or businesses with a cheap and convenient price.

Transport pallet Commercial

Dedicated to business customers, the delivery of pallets and a service among several transport services offered by our moving company Downtown. In the logistics transport industry, we work with warehouses with dock loading ports. Trucks are loaded and unloaded using an isolated forklift or pallet handling cart. But, in special cases like working in furniture stores, constructions that do not have a dock, then our trucks are equipped with tail-gate which reduces your costs and facilitates the loading of pallets, pianos, pool tables, shower stalls, baths, heavy safes and much more.

Pallet transport prices in Montreal | North Shore and South Shore

The price for delivery of pallets from the company Moving Downtown is calculated according to the delivery distance, the weight, the quantity of stock and the number of people required, but in general it is calculated by the hour or, according to the number of trips to do.Hourly rate:
  • Between $ 60-70 per hour for a 16 – 22 feet truck with a driver.
  • If the job requires the handling service of two people, the price will be calculated from $ 85 per hour.
  • The price for each additional mover is calculated depending on the work to be done, but usually for light goods such as boxes that do not weigh more than 25kg, we charge $ 30 an hour.
In the greater Montreal region, North Shore, South Shore, we charge a minimum of two hours of work + an additional 1 hour for travel time, which consists of the time it takes to go from our garage to your home and come back after the work is finished.The price on the number of trips is calculated according to a company’s budget and customer demand.On our side, we take responsibility so that the delivered goods will remain in the initial state from the beginning until their final delivery at the destination.

Pallet dimensions

In bundled wood
  • North American size (48 x 40 inches): 1219 x 1016 x 141 mm, max height 8 feet.
  • Standard European pallet sizes are 1200 x 800 x 145 mm

Half pallet grouped

  • Size (40 x 24 inches): 1016 x 610 x 142.24 mm, max height 8 feet.
The maximum pallet weight that the tailgate can lift is 2900 lbs.
Contact the transport company Moving Downtown for a responsible and qualitative delivery service! Service is oriented towards pallet distribution stores, furniture suppliers and for all travel needs in commercial buildings in Montreal… The objective of our services is customer satisfaction.
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