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Moving Piano in Montreal

Quality piano transportation and moving service at the best price in the greater Montreal area, South Shore, North Shore.

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Professional Montreal piano moving and transportation service for businesses and individuals with teams experienced in moving stores, hospitals, offices, schools, bars, daycares and different types of pianos, pool tables.

Safe transportation of piano in Montreal with specialized equipment to protect your piano during moving and transportation in Laval, Lanaudiere and Laurentides, in Monteregie, Estrie, Longueuil, Quebec or Toronto. Our team of experienced movers is able to handle and transport upright or grand piano, dental chair, safe, pool table and heavy objects anywhere in Quebec or Ontario.

Your needs are our priorities, trust our movers to transport your personal goods which require professional handling with care. At your service our experience in the field of transport, removal and assembly of furniture.

Price of Transport Piano in Montreal

How much can it cost to move a piano to Montreal? We are able to move all types of upright pianos, grand, synthesizers and keyboards.

Piano Moving

Upright Piano – To move and transport an upright piano you must have a piano skit which serves as a skate for the piano and 3-4 movers. The price and moving rate depends on the size of the piano, the weight, the floor and the distance, but in general for regional transportation the price can vary between $ 200 and $ 550.

Grand Piano – The grand piano is more expensive to move because it requires a more professional handling which concerns the disassembly / assembly, special protection and displacement. The cost of moving can be estimated on the spot, to concretize all the details of access and space of your residence.

The idea of tariffs for local moves of upright or grand piano:

– from $ 190 to move an upright or grand piano in the same building;

– from $ 300 to transport an upright piano or an organ to the same locality;

– from $ 400 to move a grand piano in the same city.

The price is indicative only because the experience and professionalism of each piano moving company is different.

The procedure for moving a piano

Whether it is moving a simple upright piano to the ground floor or upstairs, our movers have all the equipment necessary for your moving and transportation of the piano to be carried out successfully. To offer the best protection during transportation we have the necessary equipment to protect precious and artistic objects. Contact us for the transportation of grand piano, upright piano move, organ move, harpsichord move, harmonium transport.

The move is done by the best qualified piano movers in the order below:

  •  the piano is covered with a padded cover after putting on the plastic cover.
  •  In dependence on the piano and to reduce the weight of the piano, but especially for the grand piano, we dismantle the removable piano pieces: the pedals, the feet, the lid, etc.
  • To maintain a rigid position of the piano during handling, the “skid” piano is put in place and attached with a special strap.
  • Piano transportation to the destination.
  • The assembly of removable pieces on site.
  • Placement of the piano in the desired location.

Call Downtown Moving, to transport your piano, find out the price of moving the pool table or heavy and fragile objects. We are committed to offering the best piano moving service in Montreal south shore north shore.

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