Moving & Packaging Tips

  When you have to store fragile items for a move follow these moving tips to ensure the protection of your property:

  To save space in the moving truck and in your home, during the preparation of moving, all the clothes and similar things can be packed in plastic bags instead of cardboard boxes.

  Fragile items should be put in boxes and enveloped with crumpled paper, but be careful not to put them with other heavy things. If you do not have any packing paper, then you can put towels or soft material can also provide good protection.

  When packing valuables, be sure to pack them together and either move them in your own vehicle or check them quickly upon arrival to make sure they made it safely to your destination.

  When you move valuable items it is preferable to move them into your own vehicle or check them on arrival to make sure they are safely arrived at the new address.

  Household appliances should be disconnected before moving in. The moving company takes no responsibility if during or after the connection / disconnection of your appliances by the movers arises an unforeseen situation (flow of water ..). Appliances that are not in the original box are wrapped with special blankets by the movers.

  Mirrors, glass objects and frames can easily be damaged. They must be packed with bubble wrap or in special cardboard boxes.

  The mattresses must be wrapped in special mattress bags that will keep them clean throughout your move.

  Furniture containing pressed wood must be packed with specialized blankets because it can easily be damaged during the move.

 How packaging home appliances

  Before the day of the move you must empty defrost and dry the refrigerators and freezers. In cases where your washer and dryer needs to be unplugged then our movers can do it for you. But, the responsibility to check the faucets are in the owner’s jurisdiction, because in case of water runoff the moving company does not take responsibility!

 Packaging Tips

  These moving instructions will make your luggage easier:

  Everything you plan to move must be covered, especially liquids and food.

  To be able to label and seal each box quickly, you need to have a black marker and packing tape ready to use. Indicate the contents of the fragile box or not and the room in which it must be placed.

 The boxes should be made of tape on the top and bottom very well and if you put heavy objects then you have to double with tape. Start arranging the heavy boxes down and the light ones up.

 Practical tips for the move:

  These basic tips on moving and packing will ensure your day runs smoothly and your business stays safe:

  For the movers to pack your stock it is necessary to specify this service when booking the move. But, in case if you have not mentioned this, our movers will stock your stock at the moving rate.

  You must reserve the lift and the moving truck parking for the day of your move. During the move it is preferable your presence to coordinate the location of your items.


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