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Moving anything from one place to another can be pretty hectic. Our transport and delivery services in Canada, Moving Downtown,  make sure that we provide you comfort during your equipment’s transportation. We have expertise in transport and delivery, and our company’s motto is to provide the best transport and delivery services in Montreal and all areas of Canada.

Transport Services

Transport of Furniture

Furniture Delivery Montreal

You have changed your office, and now you want the transport of furniture from your old office to the new one, or you may have shifted houses, or you are in any other scenario that requires the transport of furniture from one place to another. We will provide you with the ideal transport of furniture which will be safe and secure. Our transport of furniture is one of the best going around in all the areas of Canada.

Transport of Pallets

Transport of Pallets

Pallets are used worldwide for stacking goods for transport or storage. You may want the transfer of pallets to store, stack and transfer things from one place to another. You may be worried about them getting damaged during the transfer of pallets. Do not worry as we provide you the best service for the transport of pallets from one place to another as we make sure that they are safe and secure during the transport.

Transport of Appliances

Transport of Appliances

Transport of appliances is also one of our expertise. We make sure that the transfer of appliances is done with professional care and expertise. We make sure not to damage your appliance and provide the best transport of appliances to the desired place that may be a workshop for the faulty appliances or to your home from the showroom for the newly bought appliances.

Delivery Services

Delivery of Boxes

Delivery Service

We provide delivery of boxes as you may have some stuff that you want to pack in a box to keep it away or move it to another place. You require a box, but you don’t seem to find one. You don’t have to to the struggle of going out and buying boxes as we provide the delivery of boxes that can match your needs as our delivery of boxes one of the best in the business. You can pack your stuff and also transport it via our transport services.

Delivery of Furniture to Home

Delivery of Furniture to Home

We provide the efficient delivery of furniture to home to our customers. You may have bought new furniture for your home and want the delivery of furniture to your home. We are the ideal people for the delivery of furniture to home from the showroom. We are careful while the delivery of furniture to home, making sure that we do not cause any damage to the furniture.

Delivery of Appliances

You just bought new appliances for your home, apartment, or any other living space. We will provide you the delivery of appliances to your place. All you have to do is book our delivery of appliances services, and we will give you the best and secure delivery of appliances with minimal chances of damage or theft. The delivery of Appliances can be difficult, and damage can be sustained to the appliance during loading/unloading. Still, our professionals make sure that no such incident occurs during the delivery of appliances.

Heavy Equipment

Transport Heavy Equipment

The things mentioned above are everyday things that are transported and delivered daily. Our company is not limited to these things. Delivering or transporting heavy objects like out-of-doors equipment that is not easy to carry is also our company’s expertise. You can trust us to transport or deliver your out-of-house equipment safely. Out-of-house equipment can be tricky to transport in small vehicles. Our large trucks make sure that your out-of-house equipment has more than enough space to be placed.

Patio furniture includes some heavy furniture that is placed in the courtyards. Delivering and transporting patio furniture is also an ideal case for us to attend. We can deliver patio furniture efficiently using our large trucks, which can fit patio furniture easily.

All the heavy equipment like Garden sheds, snowblowers, lawn tractors can also be transported or delivered with ease by our company. We believe in professionalism and excellence.

Transfer or delivery of medical equipment is also a part of our company. You may need medical equipment to be transferred from the hospital to your home or any other place. We make sure that your medical equipment reaches the destination without being damaged.

We also provide the complete transport of business setup from one place to another. You found a new building for your office. All you need to do for the transport of your business setup is to let us know and hire us. We will provide you with our ideal transport of business that you would love to hire again and recommend to people.


Moving Downtown is our company that helps you transport and deliver furniture, pallets, any kind of equipment including heavy equipment from one place to another. We are a safe and secure organization that will deliver or transport your stuff professionally without errors. We are the best in all Canada areas, and we will not disappoint you once you decide to hire us.

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