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Welcome to the site of Downtown Moving Chateauguay company that provides an excellent moving service on the South & North Shore of Montreal and across Canada
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Moving Chateauguay Company

Quality Moving Service

Our moving company has a team that offers excellent moving service at the best rates, which is proven by thousands of our satisfied customers in Chateauguay areas!

Insurance is Your Guarantee

The Chateauguay Moving Downtown team takes all the necessary measures to avoid damaging the areas of your departure home as well as your new home, by using:
  • Protective mats for boards;
  • Clean covers to protect furniture;
  • Covers for mattresses and sofas.

You can also use our packing service to make sure your goods are fully protected for transport.

The insurance certificate is given during your move which will protect the goods throughout the transport. The insurance covers:

  • 2 million civil liability
  • 1 million for freighters
With Moving Chateauguay , your move will be stress-free.

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Chateauguay Moving Service

Moving Price Chateauguay

Moving company in Chateauguay with movers specialized to move properties and provide qualitative residential moving services, déménagement, commercial moving service, piano moving service, pool table moving service, corporate moving service, office moving, luggage moving service, houses, apartments, chalets, furniture and kitchen assembly service etc. Moving, removal, relocate, transport and delivery services from Chateauguay to Montreal, from Chateauguay to Quebec, Levis, from Chateauguay to Saguenay, Gaspésie, from Chateauguay to Ottawa, Gatineau, from Chateauguay to Toronto, London, from Chateauguay to Rimouski, Magog etc.

Our moving service at Chateauguay is based on the principle of respecting customers and protecting goods during the move, transport, delivery, storage or assembly. In the foreground is the reputation of the company and the quality of service provided. Removal company in Chateauguay that has been recognized and supported by clients in various fields for many years.

Company, specialized in moving houses ⛪, apartments, shops, offices, has in Chateauguay a group of highly qualified movers and technicians who are competent and dedicated in the business of transport, packaging, assembly, familiar with the procedures of protection of goods in any work environment.

Come into your new home as gently as possible. We will not hide it, the move is very stressful. Moving every item, you own, from one place to another, sometimes to another region, province, is not easy. No wonder you have only done it sometimes in your lives. This is why our Chateauguay movers want to reduce the load. We have a business history of almost two decades and have moved the personal belongings of hundreds of thousands of customers. We know how to keep the furniture in its original state and even the toys in the stroller.

Chateauguay Moving Price (before May 20 and from July 11):

 ✔  A mover-driver with a fully equipped truck      –    starting from $ 65 by hour;

 ✔  Two movers with a fully equipped truck            –     $ 85 – $ 105 by hour;

 ✔  Three movers with a fully equipped truck         –    $ 110 – $ 125 per hour;

 ✔  Each additional mover the cost is                    –    $ 25 – $ 30 by hour.

The cost of moving Chateauguay depends: on the moving distance, number of movers, presence of an elevator, the floor, heavy objects like piano, billiard table, safe… The company charges a minimum of two hours of work plus one hour of travel time. If the travel distance exceeds 49 km then the travel distance is calculated according to data from Google maps.

Payment method: preferably cash, otherwise by bank card, debit, credit, interac, PayPal, on the day of the move.

✌ For peace of mind, choose your moving company in Chateauguay.

There are many questions regarding the movers and the general removals process. Based on the experience of the past 20 years at Chateauguay, our moving company hopes to reduce the burden for you so that the goods of each client are delivered safely to your new home.

If you are about to move, you can browse our removal service options in Chateauguay: residential removal, commercial move, industrial move, office move, Chateauguay last minute move, long distance move, Chateauguay piano move, pool table.

The complete moving service is the most practical choice. A truck with at least two movers in hourly rate are at your disposal to give your move an atmosphere of lightness. The movers will move all of your items from Chateauguay home to your destination by doing all the work required. This option is suitable for those who need to move from Chateauguay at any destination.

Sometimes it is not possible to enter a new property on the same day as leaving the old one, in which case you can store the stock while waiting. Or, if you need more space at home, why not try storing your belongings safely and reliably with a moving company in Chateauguay. It is a more affordable self-storage option. When you are ready to receive your items again, please let us know and we will resend them to your address or a new address upon request!

⚖ Attention to the choice of moving company!!

✍ What should I know when I move to Chateauguay and choose a moving company?!!

❶ Select a government-registered company (a registered business), a moving company with a contractual guarantee. Whether it’s moving to a new home or moving to a studio, choose a legal moving company.

❷ Check that expenses are clear and clearly confirmed by the moving company;

❸ Precautions for signing the contract (settlement of damages and claims);

❹ It is recommended to cover very valuable items with insurance etc.

❺ Finally, confirm that the large items are intact and the truck is empty.

Moving Chateauguay Trust Movers

✅The moving price must be clearly indicated on the company website. Many moving companies do not display the price list on their website. This should be cautioned as it will be easy to go through subjective assessors at the assessment stage. For evaluation (rather than the original billing standard), it is best to choose a moving company that has a “billing standard” clearly stated on the website (and packing materials can also be requested together). This part must be agreed and written clearly when signing the contract. You can greatly avoid spending more money and time by choosing to move to Chateauguay with us.

Long distance moving from or to Chateauguay

Planning a long distance moving? Relocate with us at a fixed or hourly price for your long distance move from Chateauguay to Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick or Nova Scotia. Removal company which offers long distance moving service at the best prices: Moving from Chateauguay to Québec, Levis, Moving from Chateauguay to Toronto, Kingston, Moving from Chateauguay to Lοndοn, Moving from Chateauguay to Mississauga, Moving from Chateauguay to Niagara Falls, Moving from Chateauguay to Oshawa, Moving from Chateauguay to Magog, Moving from Chateauguay to Sherbrooke, Drummondville, Moving Chateauguay – Trois-Rivières, Rimouski, Moving Chateauguay to Drummondville, Moving from Chateauguay to Saguenay, Gaspésie,  Moving from Chateauguay to Rivière du Loup, Rimouski, Moving from Chateauguay to Chicoutimi,  Moving from Chateauguay to Ottawa, Gatineau, Moving from Chateauguay to Mont-Tremblant, Rawdon, Moving from Chateauguay to Val-d’or, Moving from Chateauguay to Fredericton, Moncton, Moving from Chateauguay to Halifax etc.

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