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Have you just bought a new house or apartment in Verdun? Have you rented an apartment in Verdun and are looking for a moving company? Are you planning to move to or from Verdun and are looking for efficient movers in Verdun? What is the moving price in Verdun?

In Verdun, Moving Verdun can help you move in peace. Our movers in Verdun are qualified to carry out not only residential and commercial moves, but also assembly of furniture of different complexities at the best price on the market.

Moving Service in Verdun

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When we have to move our house or apartment the first thing that comes to our mind is to call our friends, rent a truck or even with our own van and put everything in it. It works once in a lifetime, when we are students and we don’t have much to move.

However, now the weather is changing and the world no longer wants to waste time by moving their property even the students prefer to hire a moving company and transport their materials, because it is safer and it does not take time to repair mistakes made during the move.

Sometimes we lose more money by breaking our goods during the move than using a professional moving service. The priority is that you are covered by insurance, no longer risk being injured or injuring a friend while moving furniture and you have the opportunity to earn money by doing your professional work. It is conceivable now to see people who make the moves themselves and do not see the difference in the work given by a moving company which is clearly advantageous.

What is the price of Moving Verdun?

How much does it cost to move from or to Verdun? Usually, to move locally, our company stabilizes an hourly price. A local or regional move is considered to be a move made within a maximum radius of 55 km from the city of Verdun. In this context, we charge a minimum of two hours of work plus one hour for travel time, which corresponds to the costs of the company to get to your home and when the move is completed to return to the garage. For more details on the price of a move, see the page – Price.

Understand the usefulness of a Verdun moving service

Now is the time to think about and differentiate between the service that a moving company in Verdun can offer you and moving yourself. We can understand the people who prefer to move themselves, because before they had problems with a moving company. Either the movers are late, or they have done a lot of damage, or overinvoicing can be a very serious reason for reacting in such a way. But, in Verdun, you have the choice of hiring a responsible moving company with real professionals without any hidden costs. This means courteous customer service, efficient and punctual movers. Like, the opinion of each client is very important to us.

Why our Moving Verdun company?

Because we have many years of experience in the field of moving and transport in Verdun. We understand the needs of our customers and we know how to execute it in a professional and efficient manner, so that you can count on our movers in Verdun. Every detail of move and transport is well planned with you and we will adapt our services to your budget so as to meet your expectations.

The date of the move is a very important detail for the move and we know it!

Each change in the time or date of the move can cause more inconvenience to the client than the move itself. We try to do our best to adapt to your work schedule, even we can move you after your work hour to late hours. When moving to Verdun, our movers will always arrive on time, as we are located in the Verdun region. A last minute move to Verdun is no longer a problem for you, because with our moving company Verdun you can always count on a quick last minute service.

Need to minimize moving costs by benefiting from a fast moving service in Verdun? Nothing could be simpler, we offer the most economical moving service in Verdun. If you fill out the form for a quick quote or call 438-931-9272, you can mention all the details of your move and we will offer you the best service solution suited to your budget and needs.

Our movers will move the big pieces of your apartment or house and you will take care of moving and packing the little things. It’s a cheap moving choice in Verdun offered by us in case we are limited with finances. We can pack your personal goods for you at a better price in Verdun, even if it is a holiday. Sometimes packaging takes longer than the move itself.

If you do not have the opportunity to do so, because you are a very busy person, then our movers will not only do the packing, but also provide all the necessary packing materials at the best price in Verdun. It is a convenient option to save time searching for the necessary packaging material, as you can do it on our online website now. To have a stress-free move, trust our movers. In Verdun, our moving service makes a difference!

Need a moving Estimation in Verdun?

Our representatives can come free of charge at your home and make a moving estimate for your apartment, house, chalet, bungalows, store, bars and office located in Montreal North Shore and South Shore. When the assessment of the move meets your needs and you entrust us with the move, we will take care of all the details to ensure that the move takes place without damage. Our movers are committed to protecting your precious goods and packing it carefully to reduce losses during handling and transportation to zero. Each fragile object such as lamps, windows will not only be well wrapped, but also placed in the truck in a safe way to avoid damage. The packaging in boxes is done in a way to avoid rubbing hard or fragile objects by covering them with wrapping paper or bubble wrap.

Moving Discount for Seniors

Seniors Discounts
        5 – 10 %

student discaut

Students Discounts
      5 – 10 %

online estimate discount

10% online estimation discount


"I just moved to Verdun with this company. Great, very hard working guys! I appreciate the great job, I would definitely recommend their services!"
Caron Megane
"Movers are all extremely professional and efficient. I one hundred recommend this company to anyone who will be moving soon in Verdun."
Martha Liang

Why choose Moving Verdun company?

Because we not only offer moving services, but also short or long term storage in Verdun at the best price. Why look elsewhere if you can benefit from a qualitative and fast moving service in Verdun at a competitive rate. Our movers can do for you all the packing, unpacking, assembly of furniture, loading, unloading, arrangement of furniture in their places. And all this is done at the same time, because our movers are well equipped with all the necessary for moving or assembling. Contact us now at 438 931-9272 to find out how we can help you move your personal belongings, depending on your availability and according to your moving budget in Verdun.

Commercial Moving  Verdun

Among many moving companies in Montreal our company is the champion in commercial moving in Verdun. If you need to move a store, a factory, a corporate move, warehouse, site under construction or even offices, our movers can help you in this difficult job. Contact us to move safes, commercial refrigerators or to transport pallets, office tables, professional Xerox and much more.

Moving offices in Verdun

In Verdun, our moving company, which has extensive experience in office moving, can provide companies with high quality office moving services. The company can design the best moving plan for various industries and buildings in Verdun to meet the needs of customers. Our company provides clients with complete moving services, which include a preliminary moving estimate, the design of the moving plan, the evaluation, the preparation of office moving equipment, the early delivery of boxes, the moving and protection of the new office. If you want to move your office, please contact our moving company in Verdun at 438-931-9272.

Pool table Moving Verdun

Our movers can move all sizes and models of pool tables, snooker including assembly and complete disassembly of pool table. If you need good technicians to move your pool table in Verdun, call us now, we will be happy to help you.

Piano Moving Verdun

Are you looking for a company to move a piano in Verdun? Our piano movers can help you move any type of piano to Verdun: Grand Piano or Upright Piano. For all piano moving needs, contact our piano moving company in Verdun.

Moving Company in Verdun that offers transport and moving service at the best price anywhere in Quebec, Ontario.

Moving Verdun Long Distance

Real movers in Verdun, able to help you move your personal belongings safely. By filling out the online quote form, you can benefit from a 10% discount on the total cost of the move to Verdun.